unique Performances

Shifting Perceptions – an acoustic Performance-Project
Often we rely on our eyes. We believe that what we see is the reality. In shifting perceptions the Feedback Kollektiv works with different possibilities of perception, complex realities and associations.
By: Agnetha Jaunich, Alina Tinnefeld, Florian Parker and Marcus Beuter
Instruments: Peter Schwieger

A dialogue between nature and art
Music, performance, dance and text in dialogue with our striking neighbourhood, the endangered lung of our planet.
In the beginning are questions wgich have been inspired by the book of questions by Pablo Neruda. How does the forest sound? What do the trees ask? Do they think they are beautiful? Does the forest love humans? What does he dream of?
In WALD I – V 5 different forests have been artistically interpreted.
Margarete Huber        voice
Angelika Sheridan      flutes
Fanja Raum soprano-sax
Andreas Kaling          bass-sax
Susanne Schulz          violin
Willem Schulz           violoncello
Marcus Beuter           fieldrecordings + electronics
Joachim Raffel percussion
Nicolas Maurel          percussion
Heinz Schweer           dance
Erneste Junge           choreography
Barbara Daiber          texts
Willem Schulz           composition

Humanity is searching for perfectness from the very beginning on. But we always reach our limits and call this impercetness.
6 artist go on a research and present their first results.
Christine Grunert Dance
Agnetha Jaunich Dance
Veronika Witte Fine arts, Video
Andreas Hermeyer Accordion
Marcus Beuter Sounds, Laptop
Andreas Kaling Saxophone

Mini Mex
Improvisation with Anja Erdmann and her Raumsucher as part of the exhibition blind spot, Dortmund.

Listen: Voices! – Musik 21 Festival
How many languages are spoken in Hannover? The beauty of languages will be presented by the performance Listen: Voices!. People of different mother tongue will be invited to participate to a lunch. Out of their talks a live-composition will be created through electronical live processing.
Live-Electronic: Arsalan Abedian, Joachim Heintz, Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini, Feliz Anne Macahis
Live-Microphoning: Marcus Beuter
Artistic directors: Matthias Kaul, Joachim Heintz

Don Quijote
A new production of Cervantes’ Don Quijote de la Mancha by Robert Sturm
Marcus Beuter – sound

In Dark Trees Saida #1
Preview of the new piece In Dark Trees in Espirito Santo do Pinhal, São Paulo. It is in cooperation with the dance company Núcleo Cinematográfico de Dança.
Go outside. Listen to the outside. You have to go into this dense and almost lightless space to amble together. And to stay a bit more with the images, to extract from them other meanings beyond of those immediately given. Holding hands. Lose the boundaries of space and of the own body in this twilight. A vibratory oscillation between bodies that resonate in dissolution. To follow in the dark you also have to open to the listening, as if crossing a thick forest. Sounds are like a possible guide to glimpse a path between the branches. In Dark Trees. To touch. And understand that darkness is just the passage. A transit between disaster and restoration.

Performance with Laureline Koenig and Makan Ashgvari at the Mohsen Gallery, Teheran

ruins sounds
We are guests of inhabitants living in a merely destroyed house.
We come to respect the inhabitants, the old architecture, the life in the middle of yerevan.
laureline koenig – voice
vardan harutyunyan – found sounds
marcus beuter – field recordings

what she does
what she does is a live-video-processing performance by cristina maldonado.
on friday, 23rd of august she will work on the movie the color of pomegranate by sergei parajanov. the sound improvisation accompanying it:
laureline koenig – voice
marcus beuter – field recordings

organism of sound – sound of organism
Soundfestival in Slovenia with several performances, interventions and workshops.

In Güterslohs Stadtpark a poetic and performative installation happened. Set up by the collaboration of Theaterlabor Bielefeld and the composer Willem Schulz. I will participate as member of the music ensemble.

Performance at the Le Off Festival
Laureline Koenig – voice, Agnès Saurat – akkordeon, Lionel Milazzo – bass, Marcus Beuter – laptop

Improvisation mit Michele Spanghero

total noise session
Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Improvisation with Jurica Jelic
Knin, Croatia

Performance with Metamard/SRD
Pancevo, Serbia

Soloperformance at the radio station Kanal 103
Skopje, Northern Mazedonia

Improvisation with Marx
Wire, Kumanovo, Northern Mazedonia

Performance with Mecha/Orga
KNOT Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

Soloperformance at Biotexnia
Thessaloniki, Greece

Concerts with Vardan Harutyunyan
different venues, Yerevan

Improvisation at the Gitar Cafe
Istanbul, Turkey
With Giray Gürkal, gitar, Robert Reigle, saxophon, Florent Merlet, drums

Improvisation with Avant’n’Gard and Norzeatic
Control Club, Bukarest, Romania

Improvisation with Ilia Belorukov
Szeged and Budapest, Hungary

Improvisation in Brno
with Radim Hanousek and Ivan Manolov

Concerts of ASTMA and A last cup of coffee
different venues, Germany
Olga Nosova, drums, Alexei Borisov, gitar, electronics, Willem Schulz, Violoncello, Peter Worringer, gitar, Marcus Beuter, laptop

Performance at the vernissage
with Anna Bella Eschengerd, Museum Marta, Herford

Improvisation at the Diagonale 2010
Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, Bielefeld

Bielefeld electronic connection
With Stan Pete, z.b.Pohl, Angelika Höger, Valentin Kellein, Marcus Beuter.

Extreme poesie meets noide-dub
Anna Bella Eschengerd and Marcus Beuter
Das Labor, Berlin

à la capella

Diagonale 2008 und 2006
Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, Bielefeld