Holistic caring

It doesn’t matter if it is out of a sudden or a long way to get into this situation: In the moment we have to care for our relatives it is easy that we are overwhelmed and many questions rise how we can act in the best possible way.

Although every situation is unique and every person needs an individual care, we can learn techniques and a certain understanding how to find out the best individual approach in a general workshop.

The workshop lasts 2 days.
It is based on simple caring techniques, as e.g. how to touch an old/sick person, how to wash, transfer, to mobilise. This includes basic knowledge about the dangers of immobile persons and certain diseases.
Further on, the participants learn how to find out the needs of the people to care of, also when they are not able anymore to express. And they learn to get aware of their own needs to avoid situations of overstress.
Techniques of awareness, non-violent communication and tension release empower the participants to deal with difficult situations and strong emotions.