about the travel

Travel across the US

In winter 2001/2002 I wanted to go to the South Seas for 3 months. I needed a break. The inner picture corresponded to a paradisiacal beach and many blank sheets of paper that would hopefully be filled with ideas for a new life plan.
After September 11, 2001, I realized that this was not the time to withdraw and focus on myself.
I decided to fly to the USA and travel from west to east, contrary to the classic route. On December 5th, 2001, I arrived in San Francisco and began to drive slowly and with various detours towards New York. By bus and train I got to Los Angeles and Monterey and Bandon to Seattle and the Olympic National Park. Via Chicago I went to Austin in Texas and from there via San Antonio to New Orleans. From there via Mobile, Alabama first to Boston and Concorde and finally to New York.
In three months I interviewed 22 people I came into contact with. University people, street vendors, homeless people, engineers, artists, street preachers, restaurant owners, travellers, a journalist, a railway worker, card readers, a silversmith, a Hare Krishna monk, …
I asked about the future and if people had hope. I asked them where and how they experienced 9/11 and whether anything had changed as a result.

From the interview with my last interview partner, the owner of a second hand record business in Manhattan, the radio piece robert emerged.
In addition, I recorded many field recordings on the journey. From the recordings in New York, the CD fragments of new york has been composed.
The composition rhetororio is based on a recordings at an event of the moon-sect in California.

California and Oregon

Washington with Seattle, Hoh National Rain Forest and Mount St. Helens



New Orleans and Mobile


New York