about the travel


In 2017 I traveled to Brazil for two months. During a project in Germany I met the Brazilian dancer Maristela Estrela and then also Mariana Sucupira, both founders of Núcleo Cinematográfico de Dança. At her invitation I went to São Paulo where we developed the piece “In Dark Trees Saida #1” which premiered in Espirito Santo do Pinhal.

I spent a large part of my time in the city of São Paulo with small excursions in the state of the same name. The time here was mainly characterized by the project, but also by the street carnival, many demonstrations, since even then – among others – the promotion of culture was frozen and the accompaniment of dance workshops for young people from a favela.

A trip to the Amazon that I undertook alone was rich in contrast. I flew to Manaus in order to continue my journey by boat to Tefé. I was picked up in Tefé and taken by boat to a settlement in the Mamirauá nature reserve, where I was canoed through flooded forests for a few days and made numerous field recordings.

In addition to the projects described above, I performed the performance “}JUST{ – Hommage à déconstruction” together with Maristela Estrela and then also carried out free improvisation with her, Mariana Sucupira and the Brazilian musicians and sound artists Bruno Hiss and Alexandre Mariano.

In addition, the piece “sudoeste – Mamirauá para São Paulo e de volta” was created: