Vorschau – Upcoming

Upcoming 01.09.24 Vernissage of the sound installation from here..., Kunstverein Bochum, until 20.10.24 01.09.24 RadKulTour with the Trio Geplante Obsoleszenz, Bielefeld 02.09.24 Jour fixe (talk) at the Cooperativa Neue Musik about the sound installation from here... 14.09.24 Concert of the Cooperativa Ensemble, Schwerin 15.09.24 Concert of the Cooperativa Ensemble, Bielefeld 29.09.24 Concert of the Cooperativa…

Vortrag über das Projekt von hier aus…

Talk about the current project from here... Talk about my recent travel and sound art project "from here..." at Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo, Japan, Saturday, 29.6., 3 p.m.

Performance mit Reona Tab und Nonoko Yoshida

Performance with Reona Tab and Nonoko Yoshida Performance together with Reona Tab (Tapdance, full body percussion - Tokio) and Nonoko Yoshido (Saxophon - Iwamizawa) on thursday, 20th of June 2014 at MP Hall, 7.30 p.m. Iwamizawa.

Jour fixe zur Klanginstallation “von hier aus…”

Talk at the Cooperativa Neue Musik about the one year long travel for the sound installation “from here…”. Monday, 02.09.2024, 8 p.m. Capella hospitalis

Künstlerresidenz im Tenjinyamastudio Japan

Artists residency at Tenjinyamastudio Japan I stay from 1.6. to 2.7. at the artist residency Tenjinyama Art Studio in Sapporo, Japan. In this time I go through the material I gathered during my travel in the last ten months. Wednesday, 12.6. I will present my current project to the other artists in residence. On Saturday,…

Performance mit Liu Pi

Performance with Liu Pi Performance together with the chinese artist Liu Pi, thursday, 29th of February, 8 p.m.2024 at the Sound Art Museum in Beijing. Performance und artist talk. 声音艺术博物馆 地址:北京市通州区宋庄潞苑北大街和徐宋路交叉口东北角

Performance mit Yan Jun

Performance with the chinese sound artist Yan Jun on tuesday, 27th of February 2024 at Xiaoye 小野 in Beijing. Two solo sets and one improv together.

Performance mit Fangyi Liu und Chen En He

耳集 Cochlea-gigs no.61 Improvisation with Fangyi Liu, Chen En He from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, saturday, 17.02.2024, 7 p.m. Marcus Beuter - electronics, object, field recording Chen En He 何承恩 - electronics, object, field recording Fangyi Liu 劉芳一 - electronics, object, field recording

on the move

Currently I am on a longer journey, mainly to collect material for a new sound installation. I will post here more...

Abseits des Stroms

Abseits des Stroms Two artists invite a single guest for a personal and individuel concert. Anna Bella Eschengerd and Marcus Beuter create in resonance with the guest in this moment at this place an improvised performance. By this they develop a shared experience of realisation. The artists receive the changes in the space, occuring through…
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