about the travel


The last trip where I photographed analogue.

Indonesia had been quite a short trip – only four weeks. From Jakarta I drove via Java to Bali, from there via Lombok to Flores, and then returned in three days by ferry to Surabaya on Java. Originally it was supposed to go from there to Kalimantan, but it took me a few days in Surabaya to get well again. So on the way back to Jakarta I made a detour to Purwokerto to visit John. He is an English teacher and invited me to come to his school so that his students could experience why he wants to teach this language. I had gotten to know and appreciate John on the ship.

The 8-channel composition kelimutu was created from the recordings of this trip.

On my trip I spent a few hours in front of a train that had derailed. I like to remember the night, the full moon, the quiet waiting, nature in its two colors and the constant knocking…