Peru – Bolivia

2018 / 2019

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Peru – Bolivia

From November 2018 to January 2019 I traveled through Peru and Bolivia. I had a two-month artist residency in Riberalta in the Amazon Basin of Bolivia.

From Lima I went along the coast via Paracas to Nazca and via Arequipa in the Andes to Juliaca and Puno on Lake Titicaca. The journey took me further across the border to Bolivia to La Paz and from there via Oruro to Uyuni and a visit to the salt lake there.

I then drove down from the mountains to the Amazon basin via La Paz and, after a stay in Rurrenabaque, finally reached Riberalta, where I stayed for almost two months in an artist residency with the NGO Sustainable Bolivia.

In addition to field recordings, some of which I was able to record in the rainforest near the city, I gave workshops on Nonviolent Communication and TRE©. I also developed the retreat “aus eigener Kraft”.

The highlight of the trip was the drive from Riberalta to Puerto Maldonado in Peru. I accompanied Brazil nut collectors to the rainforest and spent a total of ten days with them. In addition to unique recordings in the rainforest, I was particularly impressed by the life of the people when they live there for two to three months. The 4-channel installation “acuisha” was created from the recordings there and in Pisatahua near Riberalta.

The border across the Rio Madre de Dios was impassable, so I traveled on to Puerto Maldonado via Cobija and a small detour through Brazil. From there it went via Cusco and through the Andes back to the Pacific and via Pisco again to Lima.

Another project was a 4-channel live performance with recordings from the three months.



Nazca / Arequipa

Juliaca / Puno

La Paz

Oruro / Uyuni


Riberalta / Pisatahua

From Riberalta to Puerto Maldonado.

Puerto Maldonado

Cusco / Pisco