sitting in a glasshouse – skimming stones

sitting in a glass house, skimming stones is an electroacoustic composition.
It is based on two found sound recordings: empty glass bottles and pebble. Out of both experimental recordings samples have been selected, which have been processed and arranged.

The composition is about the phrase “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.
For the use of nuclear power it seems that mankind is sitting in a glass house like a little child with smooth pebbles in its hand and just cannot imagine that something harmful could happen. After Chernobyl there had been a short breath holding, but as time is going on the catastrophe is almost forgotten. Until Fukushima. And now it seems that the same effects will help to avoid changes.
Like a child playing with its pebbles in a glass house. As long as nothing seems to happen, the game is getting more and more adventurous. Until one of the glasses crackles. The child will be startled. But as far no negative response will be given, it will soon turn on again.

In the composition sitting in a glass house, skimming stones there is a break in the middle, when the structure of the composition starts again. Even if the two parts stand for Chernobyl and Fukushima as well as for our behaviour with the threat, it is not a composition where the sound follows the dramaturgy of the theme, but follows the aesthetical logic of the sounds itself.