Wasser – das sensible Chaos

Wasser – das sensibe Chaos — Water – the sensible chaos
Performance for dance, music, text.

The sensitive chaos – so named Novalis the indispensable, life-mediating and life-keeping element of the earth: the water, which has not yet set, at any time from the outside discible carriers of all vibrant design.

Inspired by the works of the researcher about water Theodor Schwenk and his book “The sensitive chaos” from the year 1962, where he approaches the basic ratio of water and life through the phenomenology of the formations of the vital water, in this project water is transformed into the world of sound, dance, movie and text.
The entire dancing concept of the worldwide Japanese Minako Seki is based on the fact that the human body consists mainly of water and thus resembles a water bag. This creates a whole world of movements.
The music of Willem Schulz follows the laws of flow, dedication and permanent dynamic change.
First, the diverse manifestations of the water such as drops, flow, streams, swirls are made to be experienced.
The complex topic of water also includes many other sides:
The violence of water, dangerous, flooding and destructive.
In a world where the resources clean water are more and more destroyed and dirty, access to healthy water becomes more and more difficult.
Water is a highly sensitive element that is able to absorb and deliver information.
It can revive and heal us and we again have to heal it to many places.
“The water always strives for equilibrium.” Theodor swing

Concept and Choreographie – Minako Seki
Concept and Composition – Willem Schulz
Butoh-Tanz – Minako Seki
Nordic Singing – Anna-Katariina Hollmerus
Soprano-Saxophon – Fanja Raum
Cello + Performance – Willem Schulz
field recording and Electronic – Marcus Beuter
Voice and Lightdesign – Nils Willers
Projections and Video – Alexandra Konochenko