viele wege die in diesen moment hineinführen jetzt (many paths that lead into this moment now)

The radio play many paths that lead into this moment now is about interrelationships. With a drink of their choice, members of the Cooperativa Ensemble find out who and what contributed to the fact that they can now drink the beverage. Ways of world trade are understood as well as the provision of the infrastructure or the necessary availability of natural resources.
As a second theme, members explored the interrelationships in improvisation. What is the effect when several people play freely with each other? What are the success conditions?
The radio piece combines the interviews with guided and free improvisations by the ensemble.

Edith Murasova – voice
Angelika Höger – kinetic sound art
Stefan Kallmer – clarinet
Willem Schulz – cello
Reinhold Westerheide – guitar, percussion
Marcus Beuter – laptop, field recordings

Peter Schwieger – recording of group improvisation