Grenzlinien (borderlines)

The radio composition Grenzlinien (borderlines) was created based on the
sound installation sound lines.

In autumn 2011 I traveled to Armenia in seven weeks.
On this journey I constantly recorded the sounds of my
environment. I asked people I met about their dreams and
desires and their opinion about borders, the internal as
well as the national borders.

People of different ages and from different countries have
different experiences. In the formerly socialist republics,
in post-Soviet countries and outside the European Union,
people think differently about the issue of borders than
within the Schengen area.
This is particularly evident in Nagorno-Karabakh, a non
recognized state in which people lived for years in conditions
of almost total blockade.

The interest had been to collect personal impressions and opinions.
A surreal text emerged from the interviews and my own diary entries, which were
interwoven with the recordings into a radio composition that explored boundaries.