eisen (iron)

Iron. Ancient human material. Original sounds of metal processing become music. Rhythms of brushing, hammering and welding…
Iron is an element that has been associated with mankind since ancient times. And yet this material is also a symbol of modernity, without which the industrial age would be unthinkable.
The processing of iron stimulates rhythmization. Even with manual work, a beat often comes to mind, e.g. when hammering or brushing. Mechanized work processes have their own rhythm.
The source material consisted of sounds created during the processing of iron, from the traditional manual work in a small forge to the industrial mass processing in a foundry.
I tracked down the rhythms contained in it, put them together and against each other in order to finally dissolve them.
Mini Audio CD
limited edition 200 pieces
in metal box with embossed numbering
16:26 mins
fragment recordings 2006