The teslaphon is another collaboration with the object artist Mario Kronen.
It’s a small tribute to Nikola Tesla.
The installation consists of a sound and a material collage.
The core – a rotating glass shaft on which planetary data can be read – switches analogue contact switches that trigger further mechanical processes, e.g Space moves – created by a beam of light focused on a moving piece of wood.
The calm alternation of the various kinetic sequences in connection with the sound calls for forgetting the time and surrendering to the flow of energy. Technology is mostly seen as cold and unemotional. As a pure function in the background, intended to make our lives pleasant.

The sound collage is based on two different sound themes:
On the one hand sounds from churches and temples. These places are man-made spaces to tap into divine spiritual energies.
On the other hand there are sounds from outer space. Sounds of satellites as well as planets.
The universe is the unimaginable reality of space for us. And humans use a great deal of energy to explore space.
The sound collage has a length of 16:16 minutes.