Based on a concept by Willem Schulz, different sound aspects are examined in 12 chapters. Numerous recordings were made by the members of the ensemble under working titles such as “Fragrances”, “Polymetrics” or “Overtones”. From these, Marcus Beuter created a composition for 6 loudspeakers. In an endless loop, the sounds penetrate the environment, sometimes subtle like scents, sometimes playing around like swarms, sometimes spherical like the overtones.

The installation was successfully shown in 2017 at three different locations in Ostwestfalen/Lippe. At the Landschaftspark of the Staff Foundation in Lemgo, at the main entrance to the University of Bielefeld and in a side street in Halle/Westphalia.
In 2019 and 2020, the sound installation in Osnabrück was made to sound again: At the main entrance of Osnabrück main station, then on the glass corridor of the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus and finally from the cellar shafts of the culture house.

The Cooperativa Ensemble has a wide musical spectrum at its disposal: various instruments, vocals, lyrics and electronics bring in sounds of all kinds.

The cast in detail:
Edith Murasova – voice
Anke Züllich-Lisken – Monochord
Heidemarie Bhatti-Küppers – Text
Reinhold Westerheide – guitar
Stefan Kallmer – clarinet
Willem Schulz – cello
Gerd Lisken – piano
Angelika Höger – Kinetic Sound Art
Peter Schwieger – synthesizers, electronics, toys
Marcus Beuter – Laptop, Field Recordings