sound lines

sound lines is an eight-channel-installation. It is based on interviews and field recordings.

In October 2011 I started for a seven week travel through southeast Europe to an artist residency in Armenia. I travelled by bus and train. On my way i asked people i got in contact with to give me interviews.
21 interviews in 9 languages about boundaries and dreams.
People in different countries and of different ages have different experiences. Living in the former socialistic and post-sovjetic countries and outside of the European Union associates different thoughts to the theme “boundaries” than e.g. inside “Schengen”. Especially in Karabach, which is a non-recognised country and people there are living in a blockade.

The second theme has been “dreams”. Dreams are very intimate. Many people are not used to talk about them in public. Dreams in the night, daydreams as well as wishes and perspectives for people themselves and the place they live in show a lot of differences as well as common experiences.
The interviews are presented in a translated print version.

sound lines is a title in dependence to the australian song lines.
My travel across the countries is a line, the recordings capture the sound on this line.
Length 1:51:04  loop