Endless Terror

Auschwitz has become a symbol for the worst man can do against mankind.
This very strong symbolic character might lead that the terror itself gets slowly lost.
Who might be able to imagine the endless terrot every time you hear the name of this place?
I have been three times to Auschwitz. To be on the spot is devastating.

Endless Terror is a sound composition for several rooms.

1. The first part represents the way to Auschwitz.
A corridor in which threatening sounds surround the audience.

3. The third part is a path away from the terror towards. The path is accompanied by recordings made in Stammlager I and Birkenau.
A small concrete composition about walking, persistance, about the sounds nowadays in the concentration camp.

2. The second room is dominated by sounds unable to cope with. It is not about to stand the noise, but to recognize the intolaberility
This room is meant to receive by listening a fraction of the violence.

4. In this room a kind of solution takes place. Auschwitz had been unbearable. But even Auschwitz turned into history. Neither the place nor the system lasted.
In this room sounds of piece are to be listened to. It is gthe place for the own reflection, the mourning, also for recognising, that it didn’t last.
And at its best to ask oneself what we can do nowadays to prevent another Auschwitz.