The Amazon. A forest, a stream? In any case, a unique natural phenomenon. Macaws are flying over, crickets and cicadas are in the reed, during dusk and dawn a range of different frog sounds appear. Unknown sounds, harmoniously singing, arise. A concert, happening every day and every night.
I brought back recordings from the Amazon and arranged them for the sound installation Acuisha.

In winter 2018/19 I made recordings in the rainforest of Bolivia. On the one hand not far from the city of Riberalta. On the other hand, during a 10-day journey with Brazil nut collectors on my way from Riberalta to Puerto Maldonado in Peru. As a result, I had occasions alone with my recording technique to collect over hours of material and listen to the changes in the sound landscape during the day.

Acuisha is a word from the Ese Ejja, an indigenous language in the Amazon basin of Bolivia. It means the mandrel / sting.

3:33:20 Loop