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about the travel


After my first visit in Sarajevo in spring 2012 which happened on my travel back from Armenia I had the opportunity to come back several times.


In 2013 I gave a listening workshop at Crevna and had a performance together with Adela Galisic, Neven Misaljević and Markus Steinkellner .

Additionally I got in contact with Armina Pilav, who made a city walk with me about the “Invisible Border”. Which is an impressive project.

In the course of the “Actopolis” project of the Goethe Institute with Urbane Künste Ruhr, I created the collage for “Sarajevo Album” by Armina Pilav, which is documented on “Trip to Armenia“.


2017 I gave the workshop Freedom of Movement with young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegowina at the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival.

From the program of Pravo Ljudski Film Festival:

“What defines the freedom of movement in everyday life in Bosnia-Herzegovina? What are the sounds that represent freedom of movement and aspects of its limitation? The participants of the How Does Freedom Sound Workshop will question and address the polivalency of freedom with special focus on freedom of movement in a physical aspect, freedom of thought and other ways of existential and political freedom. This workshop also consists of learning various cinematography techniques and types of microphones as well as introduction on the aesthetics and ethics of filming on public places. Through their research project participants will record (create) field recordings through which they will make final sound projects, individually or through collaboration. All of the participants will perform together at the closing day of the Zoom Rights Youth Film Festival.”

Compositions of the participants of the workshop Freedom of Movement:


In autumn 2019 I could provide some workshops with TRE.


In November 2021 I came back to visit friends, do some new recordings and attend a soundwalk by Haris Sahačić.