By the workshop listening a heightened awareness can be achieved. Our environment as well as our senses will be recognised differently. People who are trained to listen in general most likely will also listen better to others. To listen to others is one of the main pillars in conflict transformation and avoidance of crisis.

The workshop listening is based on different components.
First of all there is the historical context of the environmental sounds in art. A short introduction about the futurists, musique concrète and finally the ecological acoustic and research of R. Murray Schafer will be held.
The main content is based on listening excersises. Beginning with “passive” listening excersises, memories of sound and also evaluation by the participants. Followed by “active” listening excersises. The participants e.g. imitate environmental sounds, try to guide others only by sounds, etc. The exercises base on R. Murray Schafers “A Sound Education” and excersises developed by myself.
Another main component are soundwalks. 2 different soundwalks will be provided. The first one is a “passive” walk. The participants will be guided through town on a choosen route. They will concentrate on their listening experience and the changing of their reception.. There will be stops at certain listening spots to follow the development of the acoustic environment. The second soundwalk contains the search for Objet trouvés, found sounds. These will be examined on their qualities of sound and musicality.