With every sound, with every word, with every action, reality is rewritten, reinvented. Silence is also realized. The moment leads to action or to non-action! Sculptures arise, collapse, impulses shape the space.

Anna Bella Eschengerd develops spontaneous word and voice improvisations at the moment of the performance. Spontaneous poetry emerges – fragments of text, leaps of thought and associations enter into a dialogue with the musicians, the audience and the room. The language shows its form as a body of sound and as a carrier of meaning, the voice becomes an instrument.

Willem Schulz plays his cello in many different ways, far beyond the classical use of the instrument. He alternates between classic and fluxus-like playing styles. So he sees his instrument as a tool that he scans for all possibilities of acoustic and performative use and with which he simultaneously explores the space.

Marcus Beuter collects field recordings worldwide. Using music software, he edits the original sounds live at the moment of the performance and thus creates sounds in a broad spectrum between concrete and abstract noises. The result can be, for example, dabbing accents, huge walls of sound or extensive soundscapes.

TATUNTAT improvises and creates a space of spontaneous textual and musical contributions. The text consists of linguistic prototypes that create images, but do not define them, but keep them changeable via association bridges. In principle, the music allows everything acoustic that is possible here and now.

The shape of the music is also shaped by pausing and listening. The art formations can also be understood as a visualization of the current relationship between artists, audience and space. The artists absorb the existing vibrations like a membrane and translate them into words and sounds.

The trio TATUNTAT has existed since the summer of 2008. The artists combine their experiences from solo and other ensemble projects into a poetic experience that is new to them. They understand their work as a continuous search for direct forms of musical expression.

Photos: Peter Schwieger

Performance in Enger and at the Gerberei museum, 21.06.2021
Photos: Siegfried Baron

Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose, 22.09.2019
Photos: Barbara Daiber