Resonanz - Resonance

sound performance
The project RESONANZ is a sound performance about architecture.
Often it has taken place in buildings that belong to society as a whole and serve public institutions. How do these buildings sound? What do they give to the artistic request? How was the architecture realized? What era is the building from? What is the story behind it? What work or activities are being carried out here today? Which people use the building and how? Which materials were used? What facilities do we find? What is typical and what is unique? Where is represented where the waste is disposed of? What mood can you feel? How is the building integrated into its neighbourhood? Is there an outdoor area and how is it designed?

The buildings become an acoustic instrument and their architecture becomes a score. The architect Daniel Libeskind, who created the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus in Osnabrück, said: “In a way, music and architecture are actually one and the same. When you start reading architecture like a sheet music, you suddenly see completely new things.”
The trio Geplante Obsoleszenz with Marcus Beuter, Angelika Höger and Peter Schwieger makes the materials of the building and its diverse details audible: the walls, ceilings and floors, the railings of the stairs and galleries, the electrical installations. This exploratory sound performance intersects with the interpretive setting of exciting architectural perspectives through staged musical actions by the cellist and composer Willem Schulz, which are not only horizontal, but sometimes directed from top to bottom or from bottom to top. The audience is lead on winding paths through the building between inside and outside, between lower and upper floor, between emptiness and fullness. Rarely can the complexity of a building be experienced in this way.

So far the performance took place in the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, Der Laute Speicher, Osnabrück district office, Cultural center Wilde Rose, sheltered workshop Grabe and Rochdale Barracks.

Photos: Felix Hüffelmann

Rochdale Barracks

Osnabrueck district office

Photos: Martin Liebermann

Photos: Martin Liebermann

Felix Nussbaum Haus

Der Laute Speicher

Photos: Martin Liebermann

Photos: Kerstin Senf

Werkstatt Grabe