hommage à déconstruction

A dance in silence.
To a music that only the dancer can hear.
Improvised music inspired by the dancer’s movements.
A concert without movements.
For a dance that has just been performed.

The performance }JUST{ is about the deconstruction of sound and movement.
Improvised dance combined with improvised music has long been an exciting performance. As a musician, getting inspiration from the visual instead of the sound is a challenge. The audience creates connections between the auditory and visual impressions, and at best feels the connection between the actors.
But what if no one but the dancer hears the music?
And if the music is presented as an acousmatic concert after the dance? How does the perception of movement, dance, but also of time change?

The performance is divided into two parts that directly follow each other.
In the first part, the dancer dances to music that only he hears through wireless headphones. The dancer improvises to the sounds, his movements in turn inspire the musician in his improvisation.
The special thing is that even the musician does not hear what he is playing in his free improvisation. Knowledge of his live set is his only imagination of the sounds he generates during the performance. This makes it possible for him to be inspired by other sources that would otherwise be secondary or imperceptible at all. For example, the noises of the dancer are very present.
The improvisation will be recorded and performed as fixed media directly after the dance.
The audience can now either look for the connections between what they are hearing now and what they saw before. Or it can devote itself entirely to the two impressions placed in the foreground: first the visual performance, then the concert.
The music consists of own field recordings, which are played as samples in free improvisation.
More than 200 sounds are prepared in a live set, which can be freely called up and edited.

The performance }JUST{ is of variable length. A total length of 30 to 40 minutes (dance and concert) has proven advantageous, but shorter performances are also possible within a festival. The total length should not be less than 20 minutes.

Dance: (by now) Agnes Lundgren (Sweden), Maristela Estrela (Brazil)
Music: Marcus Beuter
Production: Agnes Lundgren and Marcus Beuter

with Maristela Estrela at Mungunza, São Paulo, 2017

at the SINTORAMA Festival in Telgte in 2016 with Agnes Lundgren
Photos: Astrid Brünner und Michel M.