Ensemble Theatrum Somnium Medusae

…time is a razor-sharp blade and dissects eternity, every minute a cut, a cut to save yourself…(Alessandro Baricco: Land of Glass)

-an audio-visual performance about stopping, stretching, bending, accelerating and flowing time-

In this performance, filmic sequences, experimental dance and singing, text fragments, voice improvisations and sound art merge into a surreal – associative confusion in the personal examination of tempo and time. The only source of light and shadow is the film projections.

Ensemble Theater Somnium Medusae:

Vocals / Voice Beate Kortenkamp
Film / Voice René Eschengerd
Dance Johanne Buyken
Sound Marcus Beuter
Voice in the film Anna Bella Eschengerd
Costumes/equipment Dirk Otterstedde
Concept / Director Olga-Elena Ost