letzte nacht (last night)

fall asleep. curl up, take the alarm clock ticking with you. a dream. suddenly many places, people of different nations. cafes, markets. everything around the dreaming talks to him. laugh, greetings, farewells. in a roller coaster. forward and backward, pulled up, no falling, no screaming, just up again and again. catacombs. water ripples, dark wetness, musty smell, vagueness. steps. female steps. a meeting? nostalgia. after security.
but he only hears her, she doesn’t come any closer. the steps begin to dance. light. mockingly. oblivious.
a laugh. outside. in the forest. he starts to walk. the laugh becomes a menacing dark throaty growl. he runs faster. haunted, surrounded by fear. not recognizing anything.
the signal to wake up.