selbstverständlich – mit leerstellen (self-evident – with voids)

selbstverständlich – mit leerstellen (self-evident – with voids) is a sound installation for public space.

Jewish life has been a matter of course in Germany for over 1700 years. It is part of the local culture and thus enriches the complexity of society.
But it is also part of the story that Jewish life was repeatedly suppressed, that there was violence against Jewish communities and fellow citizens, even to the point of trying to destroy Jewish life throughout Europe. The Holocaust left empty spaces. Voids that go far beyond the incomprehensible loss of each individual. Gaps in our culture, in our society.

The composition, selbstverständlich – mit leerstellen is based on interviews with members and the cantor of the Jewish community in Bielefeld, as well as the rabbi of the Jewish communities in Unna, Cologne and Oberhausen.
In addition, it contains liturgical chants and recordings of the shofar. And finally, background noise, all of which are based on recordings in the Bielefeld synagogue.

The sound installation consists of two versions. A 4-channel composition was created for interiors. The audience is immersed in the sounds and the spatial location creates a stronger connection to the space in which the installation is heard.
A stereo version with pauses was created for the outdoor installation so that it appears more like an intervention.

The project was implemented for the Jewish festival year 2021. It was created in close cooperation with the Jewish religious communities in Bielefeld and Unna.

4-channel-installation: 48:15 loop