panta rhei

panta rhei – everything flows.
The installation of panta rhei is the interaction of light objects and sound collage. They connect to a complex audiovisual universe.
Due to the different effects of the ever-changing lighting, supported by a slowly but steadily changing sound layer, the viewer can collect new impressions over a long period of time.
Especially in the dark, the installation can unfold its full strength. Since the objects illumintae each other during their turns, changing images on the walls appear that seem to dissolve the room.

panta rhei points to the constant change. There is no standstill. All matter and energy is subject to progressive change. Often, man tries to displace this, but is inevitably thrown back again and again. The change that we frequently consider as becomming and passing away is the basic principle of life.
The installation is to retrieve this in the perception of the viewer.

Another important aspect of the installation is the combination of nature and technology, which is shown both in the materials of the objects – Mario Kohnen works mainly with found objects and a simple electrical system that allows complex controls – as well as in the soundcollage, that includes natural elements – such as a snow walk in a forest – as well as the sounds produced by satellites.
Both aspects – nature and technology – belong to our everyday life, and are in such a way intervowen that they are in reality not subject to the often abstract subdivision.
The installation is intended to express a harmonious connection of the supposedly opposite couple and stimulate a new perception.

When looking at the objects of Mario Krohnen one quickly realizes that there is no standstill and only movement can make a symbiosis with the visual impressions. I therefore decided as a basic theme: the movement.
Mario Krohnen designs celestial bodies. They carry names of existing planets (Venus, Earth) or also freely invented fantasy names (Sound Planet). There are five objects, for each one, I ordered a method of movement and an element and the time per object to 24 minutes. This is intended as equivalent for the 24 hours of an earth day. The soundcollage thus has a total duration of two hours and is played in the loop.

Film: Nina Marczan

Photos: Mario Krohnen