faszination maschine – der mensch in der reflektion

sucked in through the small spindly black, extremely dense black tunneltubespiralchannel. a strike, a pulse, a batch. a sudden expansion, a gate, big, slow, powerful, threatening to close, while the stream continues further, inside. passing the closing.

chapter I
brown, like scratched black. small forms, flickering past the blurry eye. jags, peaks. grabbing. jags, peaks. in between blankness. grabs in between blankness. the pulse keeps beating the speed. strike. swirling. impulse. slowing down. strike… teeth grab teeth. wheels turn wheels. brown flickering monster. oblivious, a grumble from the side.

chapter II
creature alike they stand between the brown twitches. brown themselves by the eternity of non-light. set screws. turn wheels. vital ingredients of the whole. creators. food. preservers. sputum. grinding. greasing. smoothing. polishing. inhaling.

chapter III
no more space. blackest blackness. filled with twitching, rotating, grabbing brown. the pulse continues to beat out of nowhere, swirling the jelly air. creatures stumble. searching. rushing. crask. crunch. imperfect. urgent repair.

chapter IV
sweet oblivion. no colors. no forms. than those which exist. lost in the wide. lamentation. a soul remembers without recognition. lost in the sweet aesthetics of the wideness. of omnipotence. the oversized.

safeness of the womb in the diesel intoxication. anachronistic nostalgia. the opium of the modern. the head in the machine. the machine in the head.

Sound installation for a darkened accessible space. Length: 80:00 min (loop). The collage consists of sounds that show machines in an everyday context.

There are machines of transportation (bus, train), communication (telephone), the household (washing machine), pleasure (casino and roller coaster), the world of finance (bank statement printers), destruction (demolition of a house), the time (Bell Tower).

All sounds are own original recordings that have been extremely slowed down. They hereby develop their own aesthetics. But above all, they oppone to the actual trend, triggered by machines: acceleration. We need to take time to listen to the individual noises.