über die Reise

Istanbul 2017

Im Dezember 2017 wurde ich von der Musikethnologin Nil Basdurak eingeladen einen speziellen Soundwalk in Istanbul zu geben.
Er war Teil eines größeren Projekts von Nil Basdurak, die zu ihrer Dissertation an der Universität Toronto, Kanada, über der Untersuchung der Soundscape von Istanbuls Viertel Beyoğlu arbeitete.

Hier ein Asuzug aus der Einladung für Teilnehmer*innen:
„Beyoğlu is a significant social hub of the city of Istanbul. It offers access to everyday negotiations and contestations of diverse populations and also provides a performative public stage. Through this guided soundwalk experience, we aim to gain a sonic comprehension of the everyday in Beyoğlu and fathom overlooked correlations between adjustments and readjustments of socio-cultural life and spatial transformations taking place. Through this soundwalk, we will also try to explore how culturally, socially and politically informed forms of sounding and listening practices of the everyday construct and reconstruct spatialized and temporal notions of memory, idealization, identity, conflict and power. Our exploration of this acoustic space will be guided by Germany based sound artist Marcus Beuter. Our perspective will be rooted in the approach that sounds and “their meanings are shaped by the cultural, economic, and political contexts in which they are produced and heard” (Smith 2002, 7) and we are hoping to gain further insights into the past, present and future idealizations and expectations of social organization in relation to urban space.“

Zusätzlich hatte ich einen Auftritt bei Take the Aid Train kuratiert von Şevket Akıncı.

Auszug aus der Aufnahme des Soundwalks.