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Die Urbans

Patrick Houben – Video, Text
Markus Schwartze, Piano, Effects
Marcus Beuter, fragmentrecordings

playing at the vernissage

12.3., Bunker Ulmenwall

Tatuntat at the Kunstverein Oerlinghausen

Reality is written and invented newly: with each sound, each word, each action. As well as silence appears. The moment itself leads to an action or a non-action. Sculptures arise, collapse. Impulses create the space.

Performance for the vernissage of “Nachtbilder – Notturno” by Jürgen Heinrich, Kunstverein Oerlinghausen.
Sunday, 01.03.20, 11.30 a.m.

(Deutsch) subversiv am Kulturhaus Osnabrück

The sound installation subversiv is based on a concept of Willem Schulz, composition by Marcus Beuter.
The material of the installation is based on recordings by the musicians of the Cooperativa Ensemble:
Edith Murasova – Voice
Anke Züllich-Lisken – Voice, Monochord
Heidemarie Bhatti-Küppers – Text
Reinhold Westerheide – Guitar
Stefan Kallmer – Clarinet
Willem Schulz – Violoncello
Gerd Lisken – Piano
Angelika Höger – Kinetic Soundart
Peter Schwieger – Synthesizer, Electronics, Toys
Marcus Beuter – Laptop, Field Recordings

11.2. until 10.3.2020
at the Kulturhaus, Osnabrück

Presentation of a workshop with the Wave-O-Tron

The sound story “Die Gruselmonstergespensterwelt” is a result of a workshop with kids in a Kindergarden. Thepresentation of the Wave-O-Tron and the composition will take place on thursday, 19th of december at 5 p.m. at the “Junge Wilde” in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

TRE® Workshops in Sarajevo

In November I will held several TRE® workshops. On two evenings – 14th and 18th it will be pure TRE® workshops. On 13th and 15th I will start with TRE® and Adela Gal will base her conscious workshop on the process of the participants.