listening and voice improvisation

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The Workshop listening and voice improvisation is a collaborative work with the artist Laureline Koenig.

The sense of listening is the first fully developed in our prenatal life while the voice is our primary communication tool with the world, even before language.
This workshop aims at heightening our awareness toward sound, the ones we hear and the ones we make.
Before being a technique the voice is rooted in the body and breath as well as in the psyche. To feel how the sound vibrates when we sing, to connect to our breath, in this workshop we explore the body as an instrument of the voice – a tool of the actor as well as vehicle of expression, rhythm, inspiration … When we go out of the language temporarily other areas are to be discovered, beyond the ideas of what is right or wrong.
By heightening our skills of listening we heighten also our awareness for our surrounding and for our senses. Furthermore we might be able to listen better to people we meet. To listen to other people is the first step to understand, accept or at least tolerate other opinions. Tolerance and acceptance are necessary for conflict prevention and conflict transformation.

Basic program
The exercises on voice and the ones on listening complete each others and will be given alternatively through the workshop. Moments of personal exploration will alternate with moments of group exercises.

– Creation of a vocabulary of sounds
– Singing improvisations
– Breathing
– Body as a sensor: how to feel the sound

– Passive listening exercises, memories of sound
– Active listening exercises – the participants e.g. imitate environmental sounds, try to guide others only by sounds, etc.
– Soundwalks

Voice is our primary instrument, the most intimate one. Computer
the most recent instrument, with the least impact of the body.
Laureline Koenig bases her vocal work on traditional vocal
techniques, Marcus Beuter his work on his own field recordings he
processes live.
It is where we meet, in this in-between space where there is no
more question about modernity and tradition, as different layers
that do not follow but coexist.