Born in 1968 in Wuppertal, Germany.

Trained as a caregiver he worked for more than 20 years in stationary and mobile caresystems, many years as executive staff.
He has been trained in Nonvioelnt communication by Armin Torbecke and is certified TRE®-Provider.

Sound artist, composer of electro acoustic music, improviser. Journeys through Europe, Iran, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Gambia, Senegal, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, USA, Georgia, Armenia.
In the center of my work are field recordings. The acoustic relationship towards the environment, the impact of environmental sounds on our everyday life, but also brought out of this context, newly arranged and processed is one of my main focusses.
Furtheron several travels including interview projects regarding to social issues and the reception of different cultures. Co-founder of fragmentrecordings.Sound installations, electroacoustic compositions, free improvisation. Member of the head of Cooperativa Neue Musik. Several ensembles and artists groups – e.g. TATUNTAT and Stationen NRW, SINTOS – and collaboration with musicians and artists of different genres.

Europe, Armenia, Iran, Brazil

Artist residencies
Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory, Armenia Decembre 2011/February 2012
AKOS, Armenia July/August 2013
Sustainable Bolivia Novembre/Decembre 2018

field recording
Slowenia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Germany
Bosnia-Herzegowina, Germany
Bolivia, Germany
Nonviolent Communication
Holistic caring
Tschech Republic
listening and voice improvisation mit Laureline Koenig
Armenia, Nagorno-Karabach, Iran

leap second
France 2013
Grenzen und Träume
Europe, Georgia, Armenia 2011/12
Life in Indonesia
Indonesia 2008
Meeting people
Laos, Vietnam 2005
The future
USA 2001/02

Sound installations, fixed media compositions and filmcompositions (excerpts)
subversiv 2017
Stapelmusik 2016
concerto a quattro 2015
forgotten 2015
schmerz 2014

the quest 2013
in the building 2013
track 2012
little hums of bangladesh 2012
sound lines 2011/2012
auguries of innocence 2011
sitting in a glass house – skimming stones 2011
rhethororio 2011
eterna presenta – alla presenza del vesuvio 2011
urban interventions – headphone travels no 1 2011
celebration dub 2010
squaring the circle 2010
erba che canta – il suono segreto della natura 2010
letzte nacht 2010
kelimutu 2010
spiegelungen – bilder einer klangreise 2009
überdruck 2009
keep it clean and tidy 2009
faszination maschine – der mensch in der reflektion 2009
die kunst – das leben 2008
der letzte tanz 2007
panta rhei 2007
robert 2006
eisen 2006
im namen der lippischen rose 2006
fragments of new york 2005

Dortmunder Kammermusikfestival, Germany 2016
Sintorama, Germany 2016
Klangzeitfestival, Germany 2016
HanseLIVEARTWorks, Estonia 2015
Ensemblia, Germany 2015
Divadelni Flora, Czech Republic 2014
Experi-MENTAL Festival, USA 2014
Fest i Nova’13, Georgia 2013
Organism of sound – sound of organism, Slovenia 2013
soundproof, Scottland 2013
PNEM Sound Art Festival, NL 2012
Le Off Avignon, France 2012
NoiseFloor Festival, Staffordshire, England 2011
Hilltown New Music Festival, Ireland 2011
Diagonale, Bielefeld, Germany 2006 / 2008 / 2010
soundgate, Aalborg, Denmark 2010
Zeppelin, Barcelona, Spain 2009
Filmfestival Miden, Kalamata, Greece 2009
Lange Nacht der Museen, Bielefeld, Germany 2006 – 2011
Lange Nacht der Kunst, Gütersloh, Germany 2011 / 19
Lange Nacht der Musik Münster, Germany 2010
plattform #7 [no budget], Tübingen, Germany 2009

Organisation of festivals and social art
bielefelder SCHWÄRME 2014
5. Diagonale 2013