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29.10., 4.11., 20.11., 3.12. TRE® Workshop – WohlGefühl, Oerlinghausen
20.10. Soundperformance in an installation of Angelika Höger, Kesselbrink, Bielefeld
28.10. Cooperativa Ensemble – Weekly Tones, University of Bielefeld
Septembre / Octobre Workshop with the Wave-O-Tron, Junge Wilde, Schloß Holte

Soundwalk + Concert with Ensemble Freie Musik

Werner Schermeier . Klavier // Hans Wilhelm Specht . Saxophon // Wolfgang Röhrig . Gitarre, Stimme // Eric Pfennig . Bassgitarre // Marcus Beuter . field recordings+soundwalk guide // Peter Schwieger . Analog Synthesizer // Frank Ay . Saxophone, Bassklarinette

Soundwalk starts at 7.30 p.m.


Reality is written and invented newly: with each sound, each word, each action. As well as silence appears. The moment itself leads to an action or a non-action. Sculptures arise, collapse. Impulses create the space.

Anna Bella Eschengerd – speech- and voiceimprovisation

Willem Schulz – celloperformance

Marcus Beuter – fragmentrecordings

subversiv at Felix-Nussbaum-Haus

The sound installation subversiv is based on a concept of Willem Schulz, composition by Marcus Beuter.
The material of the installation is based on recordings by the musicians of the Cooperativa Ensemble:
Edith Murasova – Voice
Anke Züllich-Lisken – Voice, Monochord
Heidemarie Bhatti-Küppers – Text
Reinhold Westerheide – Guitar
Stefan Kallmer – Clarinet
Willem Schulz – Violoncello
Gerd Lisken – Piano
Angelika Höger – Kinetic Soundart
Peter Schwieger – Synthesizer, Electronics, Toys
Marcus Beuter – Laptop, Field Recordings

19.9. until 17.10.2019
at the museum Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, Osnabrück


The Amazon. A forest? A stream? In any case a unique natural phenomenon. Macaws are flying over, crickets and cicadas are in the reed, during dusk and dawn a range of different frogsounds appear. A concert, happening each and every day and night.
Marcus Beuter brought back recordings from the Amazon and arranged them for the sound installation Acuisha.

Friday, 12th of July, 8 to 11.30 p.m. Nacht der Klänge (night of the sounds), University Bielefeld

4-channel live improvisation

Based on sounds recorded in Peru and Bolivia Marcus Beuter creates a live improvisation. Out of 4 speakers in the corners sounds appear, walk around, break. The audience amidst.

Saturday, 6th of July., 9 p.m., Capella hospitalis, Bielefeld