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gegenseitig – Workshop

A workshop where people meet to share what they know best.
Each one for everyone. A non-hierarchical workshop. Organised by tha artist, who will make a composition out of the recordings done during the workshop.

Workshop Holistic Caring

It doesn’t matter if it is out of a sudden or a long way to get into this situation: In the moment we have to care for our relatives it is easy that we are overwhelmed and many questions rise how we can act in the best possible way.

Although every situation is unique and every person needs an individual care, we can learn techniques and a certain understanding how to find out the best individual approach in a general workshop.

28./29.4., Brno

Water – the sensible chaos

Opening of the festival kunst & gesund
Premiere: water – the sensible chaos.
With Minako Seki (Dance), Willem Schulz (Violoncello, Performance), Anna-Katariina Hollmerus (Nordic Singing), Fanja Raum (Sopran-Saxophon), Marcus Beuter (Field recording, Elektronic), Nils Willers (Lightdesign, Text), Aleksandra Kononchenko (Video)

12. April 2018, 7 p.m. Max-Littmann-Saal, Regentenbau, Bad Kissingen

Cooperativa Ensemble – 5 Seen

Saturday, 7.4.18, 9p.m., Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, Bielefeld

5 Seen (5 lakes) is a co-composition by Xu Fengxia and Willem Schulz for Guzheng, Sanxian, chinese singing, contemporary voice, clarinet, piano, monochord, cello, electronics and field recordings.

„UN-VOLL-KOMMEN“ (imperfectly)

Humanity is searching for perfectness from the very beginning on. But we always reach our limits and call this impercetness.
6 artist go on a research and present their first results.

Christine Grunert Dance
Agnetha Jaunich Dance
Veronika Witte Fine arts, Video
Andreas Hermeyer Accordion
Marcus Beuter Sounds, Laptop
Andreas Kaling Saxophone

Capella hospitalis, Bielefeld, Sunday, 11.2., 5 p.m.


Collaborative work with the music ethnologist Nil Basdurak about the changes of the soundscape in Beyoglu

Soloperformance at the Free Music Night “Take the AID Train” at Kaset Mitanni, Istanbul, Thursday, 14.12., 10 p.m.
Thematic Soundwalk about the gentrification of Beyoglu, Saturday, 16.12., 3 to 6 p.m., Hazzopulo 1, Istanbul

Pauline Oliveros – The long path of listening

Pauline Oliveros (1932 – 2016), musician and composer got known by many of her activities in her life.
She has been an early protagonist of improvised music, experimented with electronic music, worked at the renowned
San Francisco Tape Music Center and also co-founded the Deep Listening Institute, in which she worked and researched until she died last year.
Pauline Oliveros lived her entire live for the understanding of listening.
A Jour fixe about her life and an introduction to Deep Listening.

Jour fixe of the Cooperativa Neue Musik
Montag, 4.12., 20 Uhr, Capella hospitalis, Teutoburgerstr. 50, Bielefeld