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Soundwalk + Concert with Ensemble Freie Musik

Werner Schermeier . Klavier // Hans Wilhelm Specht . Saxophon // Wolfgang Röhrig . Gitarre, Stimme // Eric Pfennig . Bassgitarre // Marcus Beuter . field recordings+soundwalk guide // Peter Schwieger . Analog Synthesizer // Frank Ay . Saxophone, Bassklarinette

Soundwalk starts at 7.30 p.m.


Reality is written and invented newly: with each sound, each word, each action. As well as silence appears. The moment itself leads to an action or a non-action. Sculptures arise, collapse. Impulses create the space.

Anna Bella Eschengerd – speech- and voiceimprovisation

Willem Schulz – celloperformance

Marcus Beuter – fragmentrecordings

subversiv at Felix-Nussbaum-Haus

The sound installation subversiv is based on a concept of Willem Schulz, composition by Marcus Beuter.
The material of the installation is based on recordings by the musicians of the Cooperativa Ensemble:
Edith Murasova – Voice
Anke Züllich-Lisken – Voice, Monochord
Heidemarie Bhatti-Küppers – Text
Reinhold Westerheide – Guitar
Stefan Kallmer – Clarinet
Willem Schulz – Violoncello
Gerd Lisken – Piano
Angelika Höger – Kinetic Soundart
Peter Schwieger – Synthesizer, Electronics, Toys
Marcus Beuter – Laptop, Field Recordings

19.9. until 17.10.2019
at the museum Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, Osnabrück


The Amazon. A forest? A stream? In any case a unique natural phenomenon. Macaws are flying over, crickets and cicadas are in the reed, during dusk and dawn a range of different frogsounds appear. A concert, happening each and every day and night.
Marcus Beuter brought back recordings from the Amazon and arranged them for the sound installation Acuisha.

Friday, 12th of July, 8 to 11.30 p.m. Nacht der Klänge (night of the sounds), University Bielefeld

4-channel live improvisation

Based on sounds recorded in Peru and Bolivia Marcus Beuter creates a live improvisation. Out of 4 speakers in the corners sounds appear, walk around, break. The audience amidst.

Saturday, 6th of July., 9 p.m., Capella hospitalis, Bielefeld

Jour fixe related to the sound installation Acuisha

Last winter Marcus Beuter has been at an artist residency in the Amazon region of Bolivia. The field recordings he made led to the new sound installation Acuisha.
The sound installation will be set up for the first time at the Nacht der Klänge at the University of Bielefeld on the 12th of july.
In the jour fixe Marcus Beuter presents the sound installation and reports of challenges and experiences to get into the rain forest.

Acuisha is a term of the Ese Ejja, an indigenious language. Acuisha means thorn.

Monday, 1.7.19, 8 p.m., Capella hospitalis, Bielefeld