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Resonanz at the Kreishaus

What is the sound of the Kreishaus? The house as an instrument, as a score. The trio Geplante Obsoleszenz with Angelika Höger, Peter Schwieger and Marcus Beuter works directly with the material of a space. Willem Schulz interpretes the architectonical structures with his viloncello.
Thursday, 4/4/19 6 p.m.
Am Schölerberg 1, 49082 Osnabrück

Ensemble Freie Musik

Free improvisation. Marienkirche Wallenbrück. 9.3.2019, 7 p.m.

Werner Schermeier – piano
Hans Wilhelm Specht – sax
Wolfgang Röhrig – guit, voice
Eric Pfennig – bass
Marcus Beuter – field recordings
Peter Schwieger – synth
Frank Ay – sax, clar

Für Gerd

On saturday, 2nd of march, a extended concert night for the musician and composer Gerd Lisken who died in 2018 will happen at the Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld. The Cooperativa Ensemble and the Ensemble Freie Musik will be part of the tribute.

7 Stunden KLANG, Marta Herford

Sunday, 3rd of february
The Cooperativa Ensemble will have a full day at the exhibition “Volatile dreams – Art of the World’s Fair” at the museum Marta in Herford.
The program includes concerts, talks and workshops.
Besides performing with the ensemble in front of Delaunays “Air, fer, eau” I invite for a soundwalk. Furthermore the electroacoustic piece robert will be aired for the whole seven hours.
About the piece

Traveling and staying wirh producers of brasil nuts in the bolivian Amazon

In the time between 27th of december 18 and 6th of january 19 I had the rare opportunity to travel across and live with producers of brasil nuts. Besides the extraordinary possibilties of field recordings I got an insight of the hard but also rewarding work. Brasil nuts are not grown in plantations but collected in the rain forest itself. Several days of ship travel on the rio madre de dios had as much been part of the travel from Riberalta in Bolivia to Puerto Maldonado in Peru as night hikes acroos the rain forest to the camps of the gatheres.

Artist residency in Bolivia

November and december 18
Two month artist residency at Bolivia Sostenible.

Field recordings during the in total 3 1/2 month long travel, with special hikes into the rain forest.

Workshops of Non-violent communication and Tension release Exercises with the volunteers of the NGO.

Development of the new retreat “aus eigener Kraft”.

gegenseitig – Workshop

A workshop where people meet to share what they know best.
Each one for everyone. A non-hierarchical workshop. Organised by tha artist, who will make a composition out of the recordings done during the workshop.

Workshop Holistic Caring

It doesn’t matter if it is out of a sudden or a long way to get into this situation: In the moment we have to care for our relatives it is easy that we are overwhelmed and many questions rise how we can act in the best possible way.

Although every situation is unique and every person needs an individual care, we can learn techniques and a certain understanding how to find out the best individual approach in a general workshop.

28./29.4., Brno