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30.1. Performance with members of musicmatters, The Sound Room, Colombo
18.2. TRE® Workshop – WohlGefühl, Oerlinghausen
16.5. wechselweise – AlarmTheater Bielefeld
6.6. Cooperativa Ensemble – weekly tones, Thomaskirche Bielefeld
19.6. Geplante Obsoleszenz – Bergkirche Osnabrück

Presentation of a workshop with the Wave-O-Tron

The sound story “Die Gruselmonstergespensterwelt” is a result of a workshop with kids in a Kindergarden. Thepresentation of the Wave-O-Tron and the composition will take place on thursday, 19th of december at 5 p.m. at the “Junge Wilde” in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

TRE® Workshops in Sarajevo

In November I will held several TRE® workshops. On two evenings – 14th and 18th it will be pure TRE® workshops. On 13th and 15th I will start with TRE® and Adela Gal will base her conscious workshop on the process of the participants.

Soundwalk + Concert with Ensemble Freie Musik

Werner Schermeier . Klavier // Hans Wilhelm Specht . Saxophon // Wolfgang Röhrig . Gitarre, Stimme // Eric Pfennig . Bassgitarre // Marcus Beuter . field recordings+soundwalk guide // Peter Schwieger . Analog Synthesizer // Frank Ay . Saxophone, Bassklarinette

Soundwalk starts at 7.30 p.m.