21.5., 4.6., 2.7. TRE Workshop – WohlGefühl, Oerlinghausen
22.5. Geplante Obsoleszenz – Kulturamt Bielefeld, site specific performance
24.5. Elektronische Nacht – Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld
28.5. subversiv – sound installation – Eröffnung Hauptbahnhof Osnabrück
1.7. Jour fixe about the sound installation Acuisha, Capella hospitalis
12.7. Acuisha – sound installation – Nacht der Klänge, Universität Bielefeld
22.9. Tatuntat – Wilde Rose, Melle

Abseits des Stroms

Two artists grant a single guest a special moment of intimacy: an improviser performance with voice and environmental sounds

Anna Bella Eschengerd – voice
Marcus Beuter – laptop

Saturday, 19.5., 7 p.m. to midnight
Kundencentrum Stadtwerke Gütersloh
Berlinerstr. 19

Resonanz at Wilde Rose

What is the sound of the Wilde Rose Cultural Centre? The house as an instrument, as a score. The trio Geplante Obsoleszenz with Angelika Höger, Peter Schwieger and Marcus Beuter works directly with the material of a space. Willem Schulz interpretes the architectonical structures with his viloncello.
Thursday, 16/5/19 7.30 p.m.
Borgholzhausener Str. 75 – 79, 49324 Melle