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7 Stunden KLANG, Marta Herford

Sunday, 3rd of february
The Cooperativa Ensemble will have a full day at the exhibition “Volatile dreams – Art of the World’s Fair” at the museum Marta in Herford.
The program includes concerts, talks and workshops.
Besides performing with the ensemble in front of Delaunays “Air, fer, eau” I invite for a soundwalk. Furthermore the electroacoustic piece robert will be aired for the whole seven hours.
About the piece

Traveling and staying wirh producers of brasil nuts in the bolivian Amazon

In the time between 27th of december 18 and 6th of january 19 I had the rare opportunity to travel across and live with producers of brasil nuts. Besides the extraordinary possibilties of field recordings I got an insight of the hard but also rewarding work. Brasil nuts are not grown in plantations but collected in the rain forest itself. Several days of ship travel on the rio madre de dios had as much been part of the travel from Riberalta in Bolivia to Puerto Maldonado in Peru as night hikes acroos the rain forest to the camps of the gatheres.