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} JUST { and free improvisation

} JUST {
Hommage à déconstruction

a dance in silence.
to music that only the dancer can hear.
improvised music on the movements of the dancer.
a concert without the movements.
for a dance we just saw.

Dance: Maristela Estrela
Music: Marcus Beuter
Production: Agnes Lundgren and Marcus Beuter

Subsequent to this performance a free improvisation will taking place with dancers of Núcleo Cinematográfico de Dança and musicians of the netlabel Al Revés.

The borders between movement, body and sound get fluid. The performance space transforms to a playground. Dancers with contact microphones, the heartbeat of a musician as rhythm, the walls as membrane.

Dance: Maristela Estrela, Mariana Sucupira
Music: Bruno Hiss, Alexandre Marino, Marcus Beuter

Wednesday, 29th of March, Cia Mungunzá, São Paulo

In Dark Trees Saida #1

Sunday, 26th of March will be a preview of the new piece In Dark Trees in Espirito Santo do Pinhal, São Paulo. It is in cooperation with the dance company Núcleo Cinematográfico de Dança.

Go outside. Listen to the outside. You have to go into this dense and almost lightless space to amble together. And to stay a bit more with the images, to extract from them other meanings beyond of those immediately given. Holding hands. Lose the boundaries of space and of the own body in this twilight. A vibratory oscillation between bodies that resonate in dissolution. To follow in the dark you also have to open to the listening, as if crossing a thick forest. Sounds are like a possible guide to glimpse a path between the branches. In Dark Trees. To touch. And understand that darkness is just the passage. A transit between disaster and restoration.