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ensemble tsm – chronopolis

Chronopolis is an installative performance about the subjective perception of time, of everchanging time rhythms and cycles, their decadent sovereignity, but also their powerlessness.
It is an audio-visual experiment to experience time in in its poetic oppressive aspects.
Sequences of film, experimental movement, voice and soundart melt into a surreal and associative confusion.

Chronopolis is the centre part of the triptych of the project „CHRONOMANIA“.

voice/movement/ film     Laureline Koenig
dance     Johanne Buyken
voice/movement     Beate Kortenkamp
soprano     Sandrina Ost
sound/installation     Marcus Beuter
concept /director     Olga-Elena Ost
light     Matthias Pohl

Historischer Saal der Ravensberger Spinnerei, Ravensberger Park 1, Bielefeld
23.11. 18.00 Uhr
29.11. 20.00 Uhr
30.11. 18.00 Uhr