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bielefelder SCHWÄRME

800 participants out of 80 groups and associations will meet for a social artpiece at the Obersee in Bielefeld. Three hours of performance.
The Cooperativa Neue Musik brings together, what most of the time is unseen. People gather in private rooms, churches, pubs, gyms… for the concerns of their heart. They do huge efforts without asking for any financial profit to follow what is essential for them.
For the 800th birthday of Bielefeld the celebration of the Cooperativa Neue Musik is to show (and hear) all these different people in a huge installative performance. Chessplayers, choirs, dancers, skittles player, Aikido, parachuters, philosophers, ……. join to present their activities in a transformed performance.

21st of Septembre, 3 to 6 p.m.