Monthly Archives: August 2013

ruins sounds

we are guests of inhabitants living in a merely destroyed house.
this performance is strictly private. we come to respect the inhabitants, the old architecture, the life in the middle of yerevan. we come to make a sound ritual on a wound in the centre of the city.
laureline koenig – voice
vardan harutyunyan – found sounds
marcus beuter – field recordings

tuesday, 27th of august, 7 p.m.

in the building

premiere of the piece in the building by nanor petrosyan and marcus beuter on monday, 26th of august at process club.
in the building contains nine chapters. nine rooms in which the main charactere of the poem of nanor petrosyan moves. noise composition by marcus beuter.

live improvisation with laureline koenig

the association of architects urbanlab will open its exhibition scraps from the whole, the whole in the scrap at the npak in yerevan on tuesday, 20th of august at 5 p.m.
for the opening a free improvisation will happen:
laureline koenig – voice improvisation
marcus beuter – field recordings