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organism of sound – sound of organism

organism of sound – sound of organism is a festival taking place between the 29th of may and 12th of june in ljubljana, slovenia.
i will participate as a guestartist in the time between the 3rd and 12th of june. on the 6th will be a solo performance at aksioma, furtheron collaborations with other artists, urban interventions, soundwalks and workshops. my workshop will deal with the subjects of recording, editing and improvising on field recordings.

cirkulacija 2

le sommeil de la foule

the french directors antoine janot and cyprien leduc made an experomental documentary, a hommage on the metro in paris.
the soundtrack is partly composed by me.
the empty parisian underground unveils its labyrinth of deserted corridors. slowly, this underground world becomes populated. random encounters between a traveler, a musician, a bill sticker, a beggar… all lost within the noise of the wagons and voices, the advertisements or the stream of lights and tunnels. some travelers doze off, some homeless people fall asleep… in this artificial space, without day or night, the crowd sinks into a collective dream like state.


on monday, 20.5. at 3 p.m. in g├╝terslohs stadtpark a poetic and performative installation will happen. set up by the collaboration of theaterlabor bielefeld and the composer willem schulz. i will participate as member of the music ensemble.
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